Community leadership
TIG is a leader in improving properties in partnership with cities and urban redevelopment agencies in Southern California. The firm has made its mark on Long Beach, Santa Monica, Burbank, Sacramento and Oxnard, California. We have a successful history of working with local governments to establish business improvement districts. William Tucker, the firm’s President and Founder, is one of the three founding members of the Downtown Burbank Stakeholders Association, the business improvement district entity that has contributed to the renaissance of downtown Burbank. He also was appointed by the Santa Monica City Council to the board of directors of the Bayside District Corporation, the non-profit entity which helped create, and now operates the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Subsequently, Mr. Tucker was selected three times to be the chairperson of this organization.

High returns for investors
Our philosophy at TIG is to structure transactions, providing the very best investment returns, with financial strategies that correlate responsible commercial property redevelopment with investment risk and reward. Projects range in size from $3M to $40M, with the proper capital structure a key component. We ensure that every project is adequately financed by securing capital properly sourced from limited partners (members) and institutional investors. We are not adverse to measured risk, and because of this, we are able to provide investors with more attractive risk-reward opportunities. However, TIG typically participates in profits only after investors’ capital is fully returned.

Creative, flexible solutions on both sides of a transaction
One of our operating principles is making sure that all participants in a transaction benefit. Good working relationships with property sellers are key to timely and successful transactions. TIG is a nimble organization, able to offer a seller flexible terms in order to ensure a mutually advantageous transaction. For example, as an incentive for one seller we coupled a 40-year ground lease with a profit-sharing proposal. At the same time, TIG is always conscious of structuring transactions that meet the objectives of our financial partners.

Focusing on property revitalization in “Diamond in the Rough” urban areas
We believe that the best way to create value is through property revitalization. We buy real estate in areas in transition where positive trends and growth factors are strong indicators of future prime locations and enhanced investment opportunities. Even when interest rates increase, and the economy appears to falter, property revitalization buffers adverse economic trends. As experts in the property revitalization niche of the real estate market, vision and experience help us select properties with promising income streams. Once assured of an area’s prospects, savvy investors and prospective tenants welcome the opportunity to be among the first in an area where redevelopment will be a pathway to success.

Expertise in creating value
Properties with upside potential often have challenges which may appear in various forms; this is where we apply resourceful and creative solutions. We are accustomed to working with properties that have such challenges as poor tenant mixes, long-term leases, deferred maintenance, under-utilized land, parking, or management issues. By transforming the nature of a property, for example, from a distressed shopping center into a residential complex, or by improving and/or increasing the size of an older building, we increase the project’s worth. TIG is also very experienced in using re-entitlement as a vehicle for converting distressed properties to exponentially more valuable assets.

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